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The Beauty of Colorful Corn

Before taking Taco Literacy, I didn’t know that corn could come in several colors. I’ve always been accustomed to the typical yellow sweet corn that I would have with my meals, but never have I seen corn in various colors. Whenever I went to restaurants and had different colored tortillas chips I always thought that it was only food coloring that made them a different color. This may be the case in some cases possibly, but now that I know that there is multicolored corn I now think that the corn they used was one of these more colorful ones. The variety of colors that they come in are astonishing and even my Mom was surprised by it. She really liked the ones that were more pink-ish while I like the ones that come in a deep blue.

I wanted to see if there was a video that talked about the growing process of rainbow corn and I came across this one that was very interesting, brief, and informative. In this video I didn’t know that corn pollenates with the assistance of the wind to fertilize the female flower from the male one. The video also points to when the corn is ready to be picked to then be dried again which is something I wasn’t aware of either with corn. I was glad I was able to find a video that spoke a little more on these colorful “ornamental” corn varieties as I ended up learning a few new things in the process.


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