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My Story

Hello fellow food lovers! My name is Anthony Villacreses and here is a little bit about me and my story. Growing up in a Latino household, the several cultures that I have the privilege of embracing have been one of the many things that I love about myself and where my family came from. I am Dominican, Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian. Everyone that I have met when telling them my ethnicity are always amazed, and that just makes me even more happy to be someone that can say they have roots from different countries. With these countries that I am proud to embody meant surrounding myself around the food and cultures that come with it. I listen to several kinds of Latin music, enjoyed various foods that my own people make, and learned of many histories that are a part of my lineage. I am very proud to say that I am Latino, but I have faced some push-back given that I do not speak the language nor look the part.

If there is one thing that I did not get to embrace is to be able to speak one of the common languages of my peoples — Spanish. That, and my appearance of having European features. As much as there are people impressed of the various countries I embody as I walk the streets of New York City, there will always be others who feel they can take away this identity of mine. In recent years I have taken active steps to learning and mastering the language so that this attempt of stripping my identity can no longer persist.

As a writer and aspiring film maker, my dream is to have published and created many works that incorporate bilingual and Spanish voices. With every step I take in furthering my Spanish-learning and education of other Latin-American cultures, I aspire to become more knowledgeable of my larger audience that extends past from the cultures I am so familiar of.

Currently, I am in a class named Taco Literacy at St. John’s University and with this blog I hope this experience on learning more on Mexican food and culture will further my own personal aspirations and act as inspirations for future writings and film making opportunities.

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