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Reaction to Mexican Street Food Video

I wanted to look on Youtube to find some videos of people reacting to Mexican food. It was until I found this one from BuzzFeed that was very entertaining to watch. In this video the three groups of people get to try different Mexican street food. Of the few foods that they got to try in the video, the ones that I wanted to try myself has to be the tostilocos and champurrado because they look so good. I have had mango con chamoy, also known as mangoada, before and I know that I want to try it again since the first time that I did I didn’t like it too much. I loved the mango but I wasn’t used to having something sweet like mango with spices. However, looking at the tostilocos and champurrado they looked like great foods to try and even make a post on my Instagram to document my experience trying them. Hopefully in the near future I can try these two Mexican delights and offer my feedback on them when I try it!


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