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A Taco Literacy Reflection

Quesadillas de Pollo from Taquería Coatzingo.

Taking this class was one of the best choices I made for myself in my English Degree. I remember the day that I was picking this class and explaining to others that I was taking a Taco class and hearing how much they wish they could take the class too. Once taking the class, I can say that I engaged with a lot of topics that I knew about but never really went into a deeper conversation with.

Chicken Burrito from Tulcingo Del Valle.

Topics like cultural appropriation and authenticity were two that stood out to me as topics that really had us going as a class. Reading literature like Taco USA and Planet Taco were two of the texts that we read that really pointed to those topics. Other texts that we’ve read such as Eating NAFTA was another book that really sparked a conversation with the class and I am so glad that we were able to talk to Alyshia Gálvez and ask her questions and received much knowledgable information.

Cemitas from Taquería Coatzingo.

We ended the class by reading American Tacos and I felt that this was a great way to close the semester as we talk about how tacos can be more universal than we might think; of course, not forgetting that it has its origins from Mexico. Regarding my research, I noticed that I started small with making a restaurant review of Taquería Coatzingo to expanding it even further into my cultures and food and how this has affected me and my family.

Homemade arroz con pollo y habichuelas.

This was such a great class to talk about food and even try food when we were able to be together. I’m saddened that we couldn’t do more things for the class given the situation that we were all in, but I can gladly say that I walked away with more awareness of issues and topics that I otherwise wouldn’t have talked about elsewhere. I will definitely miss having those conversations in a classroom and virtual setting.

Squeezing lime over homemade tacos.
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