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My Visit to Tulcingo Del Valle

Living in New York City the hunt for some great Mexican food is hard to come by. Growing up in Queens, I thought that they only place that I could have some really good Mexican food was in my neighboring neighborhood of Jackson Heights. However, with the help of taking this Taco Literacy class I now know that this is not the case. I decided to go check out Tulcingo Del Valle which is Mexican restaurant that I wouldn’t expect finding in Manhattan. But it was there, and as my hungry self I wanted to have some food!

Started off with some delicious guacamole that left me wanting more! This guacamole was drenched in lime juice that I’ve never experienced before. Usually when I have guacamole the lime juice can be tasted but it isn’t as apparent as the one I had in Tulcingo. It was amazing. What was also something I also don’t see often when having guacamole is the pit remaining inside. It was very aesthetically pleasing to see oddly enough.

The next thing that came were the agua frescas that we ordered. I got the mango one while my boyfriend got the watermelon but both of these tasted so refreshing! The consistency wasn’t like that of a smoothie, it was more wavy and watery when I moved the cup around. However, taking one sip I was already in love. We only got the medium size, I can only imagine how the larger cup size would have been.

Lastly came the food. I wanted to try something different since I usually get quesadillas de pollo so I decided to get myself a burrito that had carne asada. If only I took a picture of the inside of this massive burrito but there was so much rice, beans, and carne asada all wrapped inside. It took awhile for me to finish this burrito but it was definitely worth taking my time eating. The restaurant has many paintings along the walls that left me gazing at them while listening to some Latin music at the same time. It was a great atmosphere to be in enjoying the dinner with my boyfriend. He ended up getting his usual enchiladas but actually liked the one at Tulcingo a little more than at Taquería Coatzingo due to how they cut the meat. Hey, we all have our preferences!

It was a really great experience going to Tulcingo Del Valle and it felt great to try a different Mexican restaurant that prepares their food in a slightly different manner. I’m all for trying new things and having new experiences with food and this was one of them. I know that I will be visiting soon to try something else on their menu, but I know for sure the guacamole and agua frescas are an absolute must!


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