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The Chef of Ancient Mexico

Browsing on Youtube to look for an inspirational video, I came across this one that deserves attention. This video centers on a Zapotecan chef named Abigail Mendoza who makes all of her foods the way her ancestors have for thousands of years. The video shows one of the dishes that she makes, seguesa, which is a pre-Hispanic mole that she and her siblings serve at their restaurant. What is amazing about this video is how important it is to her to preserve the Zapotecan ways of cooking. She utilizes traditional methods, such as using a stone metate, to prepare and serve her foods. Despite Spanish intervention centuries ago, it is great to see that the Zapotecan culture is not lost.

The different foods that are shown in this video all look very appealing, and even the presentation of the foods are amazing. It seems that with any Zapotecan dish that is served by Chef Mendoza it won’t leave anyone dissatisfied. I have made a previous post that recognized another chef, Aaron Sanchez, but in making this post I believe that Chef Mendoza also deserves some recognition for the food that she prepares. The message that Mendoza brings in continuing the foods from her culture is not only inspiring but also adds to the variety of cuisines that one can find in Mexico.


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