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Inca Cola: My Favorite Soda

Growing up, it is hard to admit how much soda has affected my life from a kid to a young adult. Soda has always been around when I was feeding for a carbonated beverage and access to it is very easy; I remember always having Cola-Cola or Sierra Mist for the times that I was in a desire for soda where ever I went. However, despite the casual consumption of more American recognized soda brands, there is one kind of soda that I grew up with that I oftentimes would find at family gatherings. This soda is none other than the Peruvian drink, Inca Kola. This golden drink would contrast from the darker and clearer sodas that I would be on tables in family gatherings, and there was always more of the Inca Kola than other sodas because it was a family favorite. In Peru, my family grew up drinking this soda and it’s popularity matches that of Coca-Cola. Sometimes I would be in a mood for some of this soda but you have to go to particular supermarkets that carry Inca Kola. Where I go to get my Inca Kola is at Food Bazar and they have a whole section of an aisle dedicated to Inca Cola. If I had to choose a bottle of Coke and an Inca Kola I would choose my Peruvian soda hands down. Call me biased but I get more excited about Inca Kola than I do about Coca-Cola. Sometimes it really be like that. If those reading haven’t given Inca Kola a try I would definitely recommend it! It’s sweet but it pairs so well with any meal that you are having. Or if you want something carbonated with a sweet flavoring to it! You won’t regret having it.


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