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Peruvian Ají Verde Sauce

If there is one thing that I always put on my food, it has to be a spicy sauce to accompany my meal. I love my spicy foods and whenever I can add some spiciness to my dish I will take that opportunity to drench everything with it! I decided to make a post that centered on a video of someone that prepares ají verde sauce with some noted additions to the recipe that did with my Mama. The ingredients for this video consists of the following: mayonnaise, lime juice, white vinegar, cilantro, jalapeño, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil and salt. When I have made this sauce, I added avocado and ají amarillo paste to give it a more creamier and spicier taste to it. All blended together and the sauce is ready to go! It is amazing to think that just like Mexican cuisine has different salsas, Peruvian cuisine also has its own spicy sauces to add to the foods too! Hopefully with this video, and with the suggested additions I added, it can inspire others to start making the sauce themselves!


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