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Cancha y Chulpi, the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Snack

Image of a plate with cancha. (Whats4eats)

This snack right here is one that I have seen a lot when eating at Puervian resturants and when my dad’s aunt stayed with my family visiting from Ecuador. It’s called cancha in Peru and in Ecuador its named Chulpi. It’s a corn nut snack that is made with toasting or frying corn kernels which then creates this crunchy snack that can act like eating chips. When I have this snack, I love to drizzle it with Peruvian Ají sauce to give the nutty texture some spiciness. I also love just eating it to snack on because I can have a bunch with me and keep myself busy eating rather than looking for some potato chips to have a snack. It is a small food that my family has eaten for generations and it will be a snack that I pass on to my children. Who knew that a corn kernel can make for a different snack that isn’t popcorn!


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