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Food Special Series: Dominican Sopa de Pollo

Image of Dominican Sopa de Pollo (Chef Zee Cooks)

Staying with my grandma over long summers has made me grow immense love for homemade Dominican cooking. I can recall whenever my brother and I would be in our grandma’s room watching television or playing with our toys that her cooking would fill up the entire apartment. “¡Anthony y Seba, ven a comer!” would always be the call my Abue would say to us when lunch was ready.

Typically my grandma wouldn’t make soup over the summer only because of the heat outside, however, when there were times when my brother and I wouldn’t feel well she always prepared some Dominican sopa de pollo to help us feel better. The reason why I want to take the time to write about this simple soup is because of the personal attachment that I have with it. There were many times when I have been under the care of mi Abue that she would make sopa de pollo to help me through fevers and stomach aches. It is such a wholesome chicken soup that always works its magic to making me feel stronger and better when I felt weak and freezing. This soup holds such a fond memory of mi Abue and I feel that every time that I have this I think about her. It is amazing how powerful food can have on our memories.

Video of Chef Zee making Sopa de Pollo. (Chef Zee Cooks)

Though I haven’t had my grandma’s cooking recently, I hope that I can help her prepare this classic soup that has been a part of my upbringing. This video that I found on youtube looks very similar to how my grandma makes sopa de pollo, and I figured it was worth sharing so anyone reading this can see the many ingredients that go into making a hearty soup! Whenever you or a loved one is not feeling well, this soup will for sure help them feel better and tastes so delicious!


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