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The Tacos of Mexico City

In this Youtube video, this Youtuber goes around Mexico City to try what his friend Lalo to try the best tacos in Mexico City. Lately, I have been feeding for some tacos and watching this video made my stomach growl a lot! Just watching these tacos being prepared and served and the juices dropping from the taco just makes me wish I could have some for myself. These kinds of videos always has me hooked because who doesn’t love watching food videos! I didn’t know the variety of tacos that can be made and it just left me thinking creatively as to what I would like to have in a taco. I think that I will get some tortillas and make some homemade tacos and share them with my friends on Instagram. Hopefully I can make a posting soon on it but I am looking forward for some tacos! This is more of a casual posting, but I always love sharing and giving some feedback I’ve had when watching this video. Definitely worth watching!


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