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Recognizing Another Chef

In my Taco Literacy class, a chef that has been brought up — and whom we’ve read on — has been Rick Bayless. He is an American chef that specializes in making high-end Mexican food. We’ve had conversations on the complications that this may have, but I’ll give him some taco points for taking the time to be immersed in Mexican culture, unlike Glen Bell. 

However, my purpose in writing this post is not to speak about Ray Bayless necessarily. This conversation only left me curious to find a chef that is actually making the food of his or her people. That was when I encountered Aaron Sanchez. I’ve never heard of this chef, nor did I even know about Rick Bayless before taking this class, but I was curious to know more about him and what he does. Several of his posts include recipes for everyone to try for themselves, but he also has posts of recipients that make it into his culinary scholarship. It is humbling to see him helping other aspiring Latino chefs reach success in the world of culinary arts. 

This post is more so an appreciation post, but I plan on looking more into his work and seeing the other foods that he makes for everyone to enjoy.


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