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Mexican Food Market Delights

For this post I wanted to take a look at some videos that looked at Mexican food made in the motherland itself — Mexico. One of my dreams is to be able to go to Mexico to try the different foods that I can try, as well as further immersing myself around the the people. It is one thing to have amazing Mexican food made in New York City, it is a whole other thing to enjoy Mexican food from the streets of Oaxaca itself.

This video shows so many colorful and delicious foods that the people of Oaxaca make on the daily. Just watching this video made me craving for a torta and tlayuda de chorizo. I’ve never had a tlayuda before, but if anyone of you reading is curious to what it is the link above offers a glimpse of how it looks. It looks amazing! Something I did enjoy about this video too is how the American visiting and documenting the Mexican market shows interest in the culture. He even spoke Spanish to the people at the market which was great to see.

Overall, this video was very exciting to see and I hope to some day visit Oaxaca to try the foods myself.


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